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News report from: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/paedophile-jailed-second-time-after-11675119

A paedophile who had just been released early from prison was snared again when he attempted to meet up with what he thought was an underage girl for sex.

Mark Thornton explained to the ’14-year-old’ he had ‘been a naughty boy in the past’ and had been ‘grounded in a different way’ after serving around half of his two year sentence.

Thornton, 51, had previously been caught coercing ‘young girls’ into meeting for sex before being snared red-handed in an Asda car park last year.

The paedophile was sentenced in September 2016 for engaging in explicit chats with what he thought were two 13-year-old girls and arranged to meet one to take her virginity.

Within months of his release the unemployed father was, again, using apps to communicate with a young girl and meet for sex.

The 51-year-old acted more cautiously this time, claiming he was scared.

After early release in 2017, Thornton told a decoy he had been caught before and had to trust the 14-year-old was a real girl before meeting.

He spoke of his time in jail, complained how bad the food was and said “I did plenty of crying too”.

Thornton stated: “This will be my second Christmas on my own with no one to spoil,” before calling the decoy, 14-year-old ‘Samantha’ ‘sexy’ and ‘beautiful’.

Thornton used the app ‘Waplog’ to chat to the underage girl set up by vigilante group Dark Justice.

The app boasts of helping people find the hottest person in their area with the same interests, quickly and easily.

The app is intended for over 17 year olds but can easily be signed up to.

Thornton believed he was talking to a 14-year-old girl Samantha when Dark Justice reported the paedophile in a Morrisons car park.

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