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The website redsecurity.win exists in order to host videos of paedophiles who have been caught as part of a sting by many of the paedophile hunting groups in UK and the rest of Europe.

Under European law, paedophiles can apply to have any information on the internet concerning them to be taken down, this is under “The Right to be forgotten”.

Further reading here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2644578/Thousands-paedophiles-apply-Google-right-forgotten.html

We believe that such people who are a danger to our children do not deserve the right to be forgotten. To this end, we aim to host the paedophile sting videos on our own webservers in a country which ignores legal requests to take information offline.

We are affiliated with some Anons from the Anonymous collective. “We do not forget”